St. Claret English Medium School



Since our school is affiliated under the Central board of secondary education, so we follow the same examination format.

  • The school will follow the syllabus on the basis of curriculum prescribed by NCERT/CBSE and textbooks publishing by NCERT/CBSE for the middle classes. The school will follow syllabus and courses as per the scheme of studies prescribed by the Board of Secondary /Sr. Secondary school examination and changes made therein from time to time.
  • The school will follow the RTE Act, 2009 and instructions issued thereon by the CBSE/respective state/UT Govt from time to time.

Examination And Promotion Rules:

The examination and promotion rules of every school differ based on the type of examination pattern a school is articulated with. Here are the rules:


  • Primary: There will be two summative assessments along with four formative assessments during one academic session. Promotion to next higher class is strictly on the basis of the average marks of the three terms. The pupil who obtained minimum 40% average in each subject will get promotion to the next higher class.
  • Pupils who fail to appear for the terminal examination will not get second chance to write that examination.
  • To avoid unhealthy competition among the students to secure a particular rank and to broaden their outlook it has been decided that the students will be awarded ‘grades’ instead of ‘ranks’ in the various examinations conducted by the school.
  • The answer paper o the final examination will not be shown.
  • All cases of doubt regarding promotions are left entirely to the discretion of the Principal. His decision shall be final.
  • Promotion refused will not be reconsidered.
  • A pupil failing twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the studies.
  • A student absent in any examination will be considered as failed. In case of illness a doctor’s certificate must be produced for the consideration of the matter.
  • No special examination will be held for any reason whatsoever either before or after the time fixed for the examination in usual cases.
  • A student found copying, helping others to copy during an examination and if discovered subsequently will be qualified in that subject. Such a student is liable for expulsion from the school.
  • The management has the right to say on what condition they will admit or retain the pupils in the school, in conformity with the instruction issued by the education department with the state and the CBSE.
  • Those who fail in the board examination will not be permitted to repeat the class, exceptions if any will be at the discretion of the Principal.


Parents may apply for re-checking of valued answer papers in case of doubt.